About ThunderAct

ThunderAct is a SaaS solution that allows companies to make well informed, data-driven decisions. By unleashing value from the data companies already have, ThunderAct delivers powerful customer insights. ThunderAct makes it easy to have a cross-organizational and cross-tool view of all customer-interactions so you can identify risks, opportunities and trends.

ThunderAct was built by a customer-passionate founder who spent years working with customers but sadly only saw one side of the data. Knowing that there must be more, she investigated and researched all aspects of customer interactions; product, executive, sales, support, marketing, customer success, professional services and others. She wanted to create one picture of the business but it was challenging as there was only one of her and the data kept changing.

The customer-data and feedback she found during this super manual process was so powerful, so loud and so important she knew she had to do a THUNDERACT to scale and allow more companies learn business insights hidden in their data! So, she founded ThunderAct in 2017 with a mission to make customer voices drive loud actions!

ThunderAct is based in Silicon Valley California.

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