Joint Development Program

You spend most of your day fighting fires and get very little time to think strategically. When you do need to make important decisions about your product line you must rely on anecdotal information because you lack the data you need. Does this sound familiar? If so, you might be a fit for the ThunderAct Technology Adoption Program.

There is a treasure trove of data being collected in your organization that probably is not being utilized well

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Detect Insights hidden in customer-interaction records across systems, to make informed, data-backed, customer-driven product and business decisions


Learn All data across teams in a single view to allow focus on the most important insights


Act On a strategy based on informed decisions through teams collaboration and efficient insight research in one tool

Before ThunderAct is available to all, we are looking for a select few organizations to partner with and give early access. By taking part in this journey you can ensure that the final product meets all of your needs

As a part of this joint development program, we are offering the following perks:

  • Become a design partner

    Get an early peek into what we are working on and an exclusive look at the ThunderAct development roadmap
  • Custom Developed Integrations

    Choose the data source integrations that fit your business best
  • Use of any integrations ThunderAct develops during the term

    Extra integrations expand your business insights and make sure you aren't missing anything
  • Unlimited users for the program term

    Create a broad visibility to business insights by adding your entire team
  • A discount on a subscription renewal

    We are confident ThunderAct will give you a competitive edge and will be happy to discount your usage after the program ends
  • If you are ready to take charge of your data and implement a truly customer-driven strategy, contact us at to take advantage of this Technology Adoption Program.