ThunderAct for the Enterprise

ThunderAct is designed for anyone who realizes that customer feedback matters and that customer voices must drive actions. By using ThunderAct, one can identify risks, opportunities and trends, manage them, collaborate with other individuals and take the right actions. ThunderAct, allows you to be part of every customer meeting, without actually being there!

Who should use ThunderAct?
product manager
If you are a Product Manager, you own the success of your product line and you are the one charged with having a deep understanding of customers and competitors. Product Managers must have the skills to think strategically but also make quick decisions. Product managers are often called the CEOs of their product, but they don't have direct authority so leadership skills are crucial. While the degree of power given to a product manager varies by company, one thing that seems universal is that PMs have a huge number of responsibilities. In most organizations, product managers must set the product strategy, execute it, and evaluate success and customer adoption.
sales manager
If you are a Sales Manager, you talk with customers every single day and you know how hard it is to keep up with market changes and tune your pitch accordingly to optimize sales of your team. You also know that in cases, the products you sell don't exactly meet what you see and in other cases, it's hard to be part of a supporting team to a strategy you didn't take part in. Time is money and putting data into a CRM can seem like a waste of if it doesn't provide insights that help you sell.
ThunderAct empowers you to drive customer-driven strategy and roadmap, engage and collaborate the customer-facing-teams who work with you on executing the product plan and take the right actions for your business while observing the changes to the insights over time.
ThunderAct empowers you to be able to identify the repeating themes, opportunities and risks across all accounts and be ahead of the game winning every deals. With ThunderAct you'll own the market, grow your sales and have deeper, data-backed discussions with your supporting functions such as customer success, support, professional services, product managers and other. You know your customers best! With ThunderAct, you're letting them being heard.
customer success lead
If you're a Customer Success Manager you always wish you'd known everything about your customer from start to end. Unfortunately, there's just not enough time during the day to be part of every customer call, of every meeting and to track all activities others in the organization are having with your customer. As customer success you need to stay on top of things, expect changes, prepare to response to any trend and show domain knowledge to gain your customer trust.
marketing manager
If you are a Marketing Manager you are doing customer segmentation and are a main player in the strategy execution and it’s success. In order to define and target different market segments you must know what makes customers behave differently from each other. You also need to track how customers are responding to your marketing campaigns which can be very difficult. Unlike sales who is focused on shorter term wins, you need a high level, long term outlook so you can support future growth.
ThunderAct empowers you to learn about trends, risks and opportunities across all customers and owning your customers and business success. With ThunderAct you’ll understand the customer needs, challenges, and concerns before they float to you and allow you to be proactive. Using this information you’ll be able to engage the team helping you reach customer success.
ThunderAct helps you identify market trends before your competitors notice them. By using ThunderAct you’ll have insights into how your customers are responding to your marketing campaign even if you are not there to listen! This allows you to track more than just leads to measure success. The customer data you will have access to from across the organization will help more clearly define your target segments and validate whether you are focusing on the right ones.
head of engineering
If you're an R&D engineer, manager or executive, you are trying to upgrade and innovate, all while checking in with marketing and product management so you don’t go beyond the product scope. At the same time you're the king of technology! If anything escapes you, you must know! New technology support? Challenges with a feature just launched? Accountability is the name of the game, and you own it! On top of that, be honest - don't you always wish you could meet more with customers and hear what they really want to see next? Now you have a chance!
voc program lead
If you lead your company's VOC program, this may sound familiar: you worked day and nights to build the perfect plan to collect your customer voices, you found the key customers to interview, your team performs great interviews and shares valuable feedback with key people, and then either nothing happens with the results, or they complain they need more feedback or they are used for one specific project and never used again. What you are trying to do is gather these insights so they can be used to form a better overall picture of your customer, what they want, how their business runs, and what their challenges are.
What if you could have the same visibility of customer insights as the rest of the team? With ThunderAct, you will know more about your customer and keep them in mind during product development. Imagine the time you could save in revisions if you knew both the capabilities of your R&D team and the priorities of the customer. With the kind of insights ThunderAct provides, innovation can accelerate because the entire team is on the same page. You will see better returns from your R&D investment because you have developed the right products for the market.
With ThunderAct, your VOC findings don't get buried. They join insights from all over the organization to strengthen the understanding of the customer. Time, scaleability and consistency become problems of the past! You also have access to customer feedback from other functions that can help shape and strengthen your VOC interviews.
customer experience expert
If you are a Customer Experience manager you want to improve customer loyalty by making customer interactions as positive as they can be. To do this you need to understand the customer journey and all contact points. You are always looking to capture customer feedback so you know how successful your strategy is. You use data to help personalize the experience for each customer.
product insight manager
If you are a Product Insight manager, you are responsible for the product lifecycle and prioritizing new development. Gathering and analyzing customer data is vital for your role because you must know the major challenges and needs of your customers as well as what they think of your current features. This data is also key when presenting to executives and explaining to sales which projects you are prioritizing.
ThunderAct helps you gather all customer feedback in one place so you can actually gain insights from it. You can see not only the information, but how it is trending over time which can help you evaluate program success. ThunderAct will let you see customer data real-time so you can take swift action and keep customers coming back.
ThunderAct lets you know what customers like and don’t like about your current offering, and provides insights about what they want to see in the future. By giving you not just real time data, but trends over time, you can be confident in your product decisions and gain enthusiastic internal support. Being able to see customer data from across the organization means you are leveraging the broader team to make your products they very best they can be.
product support management
If you are in a product support role, your goal is to get customers up and running as soon as possible and provide great support that keeps them loyal to the brand. You know how tough it can be to get caught off guard with a product issue. It not only sends you scrambling for solutions, but can hurt the perception of your company as an industry expert.
If you are an Executive, you have such a broad scope you can feel like you are missing details sometimes. You rely heavily on your management team to do accurate analysis so that you can make strategic decisions for the company, and make important pivots when needed. You also have to relay these decisions confidently to shareholders and internal teams. Your leadership sets the level of enthusiasm for the whole organization.
ThunderAct makes sure you are not caught off guard when it comes to customer issues. By using ThunderAct you will know when something is not going right for customers and can see issues before they become a crisis. This extra heads up gives time to give a well crafted response, provide professional troubleshooting materials, and maybe even alert customers of a potential problems before they experience it.
By using ThunderAct, you can be confident that your team is truly listening to what customers are saying. You can also have access to the trends and real time data yourself, so you don't have to wait for an analysis if you have to answer a quick question or contemplate an important decision. By giving customer insights to your team in a way they have never had before, you can expect higher ROI on products, more accurate forecasting, and a more customer centric culture.